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Shooting & Editing

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April and Jason are a husband and wife photography duo with a passion for turning wedding days into an art form for their clients.
April and Jason have shot over 100 weddings together and have the ability to create an environment for their couples that produce genuine, authentic, and joyful art. 
It is though their upbeat experience and clear communication that they create comfort and clarity that enables their clients to enjoy their wedding day to its fullest.
Being married themselves for over 18 years, April and Jason know first-hand just how incredible it is to spend life alongside to your best friend. To wake up every day knowing that you are with the love of your life. Your person. And their greatest wish is for their clients— regardless of race or gender— to not only have the same kind of great love, but for it to be documented and preserved through an artists eye.

April & Jason

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Value experiencing life together in new adventurous ways and see every venture as an opportunity.

They believe that good always wins and that love conquers all.  

They believe that the relationships shared with their family is an irreplaceable bond, and they are most eager for the moment on their wedding day where they stop to soak in the single moment that they will have all of their closest friends and family surrounding them, celebrating their love.

We believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

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