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The Photography Course

 THis 30+ lesson, self paced online course is going to teach you how to feel confident in manual mode, Edit your images faster and have consistency to get you the photos you've dreamed of!! 


  • Wanting to take your photography side gig from part time to full time?

  • Ready to stop comparing your photos to others online?

  • Feeling frustrated because you aren't booking enough clients?

  • Feeling frustrated that your photos are not consistent?

  • Wondering how to get clean and crisp photos?

  • Want to charge your clients more, but don’t know where to start?

  • Ready to spend less time editing?

  • Needing a community of support so you can start on the right path for your business? 

If you answered yes, you are not alone! 

Because of our experiences and hearing stories from other photographers...

Since then we’ve been...

It has been so life-giving and sparked our idea to create an educational course with our own spin! 

                                         we realized
we didn't have to make all the mistakes we did!

sharing tips + tricks
guiding new photographers
letting second shooters shadow us

"I had not picked up a camera in over 12 years and was so anxious about jumping back into any facet of the business, but April helped ease all of that nervousness through her amazing mentorship. April equipped me with so many tools that helped me feel more comfortable than I had ever been before." 

the photography course is the easiest way to go from guessing your way through sessions to showing up confidently in your business. 

8 Modules Self paced course

30+ Lessons 

Quick Wins For Each Module That You can Implement SAME DAY

8 Bonus Videos

365 day Access to over 6 hours of Content

2 Virtual Second Shooter Sessions

Insider Access To Our private Facebook community

Lifetime access

What's included

Jessica Mendoza

“I was a beginner through and through. I had no idea how to use my camera, and no idea on how to run a photography business at that! Editing pictures that I took for free took hours, and finding clients had the rough. After I began learning from April and Jason, my images began to transform to how I wanted them to look straight out of camera, making the editing process asap in comparison to when I began.

I also learned how to get referrals, and how to connect with new clients. Their wonderful instruction even helped me book my very first wedding during my first year, and have since had steady clients! In 2022 alone, I have been able to book so many sessions that it actually became tough to keep up! I’ve even been able to book up two whole months where almost every single day had a scheduled session!"

Check out her before and after!

Bri Lauren

“You know that first time you’re watching the first Avengers movie and you see all the Avengers assemble for the first time in the theater and your heart is racing with anticipation? That’s how I feel right now watching your “watch us film a wedding/ engagement session”. This has seriously sparked another flame in me to want to be a wedding/engagement photographer.💖 that’s always been the goal but I’m just so inspired right now.”

what is the investment?


8 Modules (over 6+ hours of valuable content!)

30+ Lessons 

Quick Wins For Each Module That You can Implement SAME DAY

8 Bonus Videos

Live Q&A Once A Month 

2 Virtual Second Shooter Sessions

Insider Access To Our private community

Lifetime access


one payment of


now only

$200 in


"Jumping into photography is one thing, but jumping into wedding photography is a whole other beast! I reached out to April about their mentor program and was able to jump right in. Through my mentorship with April and Jason, they have been more than helpful to answer any questions that I have. The biggest value that I have learned through April and Jason is that it is all about relationships. Making sure that your bride feels comfortable on their wedding day and capturing their big moment." 

join our community of students who are transforming their images every single day!!

Having clients book your highest package

Share incredible memories with your clients 

Receive raving reviews and continued business 

have your Photos published in magazines

Finally feel financially secure and have time freedom

Triple your revenue within a year ($50k to $150k)

have you ever thought about....

Show up confident with your camera to provide dream sessions for clients who leave 5-star reviews

Edit efficiently to get your time back with friends and family

Master your client experience to double your revenue

Teach you how to create a sustainable business that will last you longer then the average photographer (cough cough 5 years)

Become booked out month after month after month with dream clients you truly want to work with 

Inside our Photography Course we're going to show you how to...

Tracey Brown

"With their expertise, encouragement and positive reinforcement, I feel like I am ready to keep going rather than just put the camera back on the shelf. Whether you are a professional photographer seeking a mentor or an aspiring photographer, look no further."

Check out her before and after!

Jess Christine

“Right after my mentor session with April I was able to book 8 families for mini sessions, and pose and direct them confidently. Knowing I had her in my corner rooting for me was huge. Since our session, I've consistently doubled my business revenue year over year and plan to continue the trend!”

Check out her before and after!

April and Jason are a husband and wife photography duo with a passion for turning wedding days into an art form for their clients.
April and Jason have shot over 100 weddings together and have the ability to create an environment for their couples that produce genuine, authentic, and joyful art. 

It is though their upbeat experience and clear communication that they create comfort and clarity that enables their clients to enjoy their wedding day to its fullest.

Being married themselves for over 18 years, April and Jason know first-hand just how incredible it is to spend life alongside to your best friend. To wake up every day knowing that you are with the love of your life. Your person. And their greatest wish is for their clients— regardless of race or gender— to not only have the same kind of great love, but for it to be documented and preserved through an artists eye.

April & Jason

About your Instructors