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April & Jason

April Sapp Photography: The beginning story behind the Business

The Beginning of something special

About 12 years ago I had saved up around $700 worth of silver. April’s birthday was just around the corner and I wanted to do something special for her. Since we had been together I knew she had a passion for photography. She had taken a few college courses in it while we were dating and was always taking pictures of a friend or family. I decided to sell the small investment I had made and buy her a decent DSLR camera. I remember telling a friend that I felt like it was more of an investment in her than a birthday present. “She will probably make enough money with it to cover the cost of the camera.” I said. Boy was I right!

Turning the page from hobby to career

Fast forward about 5 years, we had recently moved to Dallas and were both just at the point where we were comfortably settled in. April approached me with an idea, “I want to leave my job and start my own photography business.” At first I was very reluctant, her guaranteed income was a nice safety blanket for both of us and change is always scary. After we discussed it for a bit and she laid out some of the plans she had for her business, we both decided she should give it a go! My only hope, I had told her, was that she average $1500 a month from the business. Once again, her success had me in awe.

Working with Children

At the beginning April focused mainly on family portrait photography. Not far from her new business venture she got pregnant with our first. So she was a part time photographer and full time mom. She did this for about 5 years, all the while perfecting her craft and attending to the business side of things. April would photograph almost anything that came her way so long as she had the time to do it.

Wedding Photographers

Throughout the years of watching her business grow, April would hint at the fact that she wanted me to join her. Sometimes not so subtly! I however, was very comfortable where I was at and as always, fear of the unknown was holding me back. After a few years of April “suggesting” I started to waiver. The car industry which I was working was starting to take its toll on me in many different ways. One day we both came up with a 1 year plan. We would solely focus on weddings and in one year I would join the business. I have heard it said that our timing is different than God’s and that must have been the case, because 6 months after that discussion I found myself working next to my wife.

It all started with a camera

I would love to say that buying April that camera started a chain of events that led us to where we are now. But that would just not be true. The camera only takes pictures, working next to April has really helped me see how motivated she is to succeed. How big of a heart she has for serving and how much work she has done to get herself to where she is today.

April, I am so proud of your accomplishments, I never would have guessed that we would both be blessed enough to be able to work together doing something we both love. Thank you for building us that opportunity. You really are an inspiration to work with and a blessing in my life. Here’s to the future! The best is yet to come!   Cheers!


Ps. blessed and guessed was a sweet but unintended rhyme! Feel free to use that one sometime 😉

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