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3 Floral Do’s for your Big Day!

3 Floral Do’s for your Big Day!

Planning a wedding can be hard work! Picking the venue, bridesmaid’s dresses, to first look or not to first look. There are so many details! Many times everything is in order, but then a floral choice is made based on the flower, not the colors, then the whole color scheme is in disarray! Today we are going to touch on the importance of the flowers on your big day.

Do Go All Out on your Bouquet

The most important floral arrangement of your wedding day is your Bouquet. If you are going to cut corners on other flower related things that is fine, but the bouquet needs to be extravagant. Why you ask? You may be with your bouquet for more time than you will be with your groom! It will be in the majority of your pictures and ads so much more detail to them. If you need to cut back a little bit, it is ok to take from the bridesmaids arrangements. They are in far less pictures and make it easier for your girls to travel around the venue.

Do have a pop of color

Typically as photographers we stress neutral colors and soft tones. However, when discussing your bouquet we love to see the colors pop! It is the perfect way to help add contrast to your dress. The colors will only accentuate the beauty in that elegant white ivory. It is possible to overdo it, so do not go overboard. But a soft pop of color will certainly make for beautiful light and airy pictures.

Do Tell your Florist your Timeline

So many times we arrive at a wedding excited, ready to serve, shoot, and smile! (Cheesy but true) However, often times the florist does not arrive for another hour or so. Then it takes time to set all the beautiful arrangements up. Make sure your florist has arrived and is ready in time for the detail shots. So much more character is added and you took so much time making sure they were perfectly chosen.  Most florists prefer their flowers are in the detail shots because then they have some pictures of their masterpieces as well. It is a win-win for everyone!


There are the 3 Floral Do’s for your bid day, at least from our perspective. We hope some of these tips help as you plan for your big day! It is going to be amazing!


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